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Well, I wouldn't call myself a huge blogger but I do at times like to tell my thoughts about books I've read...If you happen to catch those thoughts I hope you enjoy them.

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Highland Warrior - Connie Mason

Well, good news, is that the heroine didn't end up on my "heroines who annoy me shelf". She came close though. Her attitude cleared up rather quickly, in fact. It was pretty sudden. It must have been all the hot loving her new husband was giving to her.


At times I felt very frustrated with both characters. Not a great deal of trust on either side. That got annoying.


Decent read by Connie Mason but I've read better from her.

Reading progress update: I've read 28 %

Highland Warrior - Connie Mason

The entire time since they wed Gillian has told her husband to bed his "leman" (hate that word) yet when she spies said leman in Ross's lap she gets mad. Annoying. I know that of course she is going to get jealous but still annoys me. She doesn't really have the right.

Highland Warrior - Connie Mason

This heroine better not end up on my "heroines who annoy me shelf". Only 10% in so I hope it won't come to that. Although, I already find her annoying. And childish. 

Ral's Woman - Laurann Dohner

2.5 stars but still a decent story. It was really insta-love between these two which was hard to buy but still enjoyable. There is a bit of forced seduction at the beginning.


There were several glaring editorial mistakes. Paragraphs that didn't make sense.


The book was enjoyable enough that I will continue to read the rest of the books in this series.

Enthralled -  Meljean Brook, Alyssa Day, Lucy Monroe, Lora Leigh

This review is based on the Lora Leigh and Alyssa Day stories. I don't think I am going to read the Lucy Monroe short right now, even though I have read the other books in the series. The last full length novel didn't impress me.

The Lora Leigh story was good but had too many people appearing with their stories taking away from the main couple. Plus the beginning when Jorn "dies"? I was so confused about what happened? Is he really dead? Leigh is probably going to come back to that later but throwing that into a short story is just confusing. Plus, it is easily forgettable. 2.5 Stars

The Alyssa Day story was ok, a bit boring in the beginning but decent. The ending was good. I don't know if I will continue with this series. Her Atlantis series was much better than the book and short story she's released so far in her new one. 2 stars.

Slade - Laurann Dohner

An enjoyable story, still a little like Lora Leigh's Breed series but not enough to make me not enjoy the stories as something separately.


I liked both the hero and heroine but didn't particularly warm up to them. I just don't feel like there is a great deal of love between the characters but more lust and need, which is fine. However, I really like more loving moments in my stories and there weren't many of those. There were certainly some hot love scenes, though.


This book was funny and I really loved Valiant. I'm looking forward to reading his book. I truly enjoyed his "gift" to Trisha.


Worth. The. Wait.

Reaver - Larissa Ione

I was one lucky lady because Amazon delivered this to me early. My resolve was weak and I broke down and read it last night. Finished this one right before midnight. I had planned to wait for the weekend but Reaver just kept calling to me.

Wow, this is truly a tale of star-crossed lovers! Five thousand years apart? Let's see if anyone else can top that. Reaver and Harvester both went through some dark times to finally be together again. There was a great deal of anger and guilt from both parties for the role each played in the past. It was tough for Harvester/Verinne to forgive what Yenreith did to her when they were both young angels. As Yenreith, he was a dick! Even Reaver says it. What he did to Verinne was quite awful. It was quite brutal to read about. 

Harvester, as the daugther of Satan, was no angel herself, after pretending to fall. She had to do many brutal, horrible things to convince her father and the Sheoulic Watcher's council that she was pure evil. We all know the things she did. However, the torture of Reaver was not one of the things she did for Satan but for someone altogether surprising. That was a twist I didn't see coming. My one issue with all of that, though is the one who caused it didn't truly pay for his crimes. 

Both Reaver and Harvester had much to overcome to finally be together. It was a happy ending for all which is what we knew would happen. 

I think one of the saddest parts in the book was when Reaver realized that he was the cause of all the pain Harvester had suffered over the last 5000 years. 

This book had many elements. Angst, anger, anxiety, heartbreak and joy. I do wish there had been a few more moments of loving between Harvester and Reaver. Not that there weren't some but I wished for more. 

The next book is about Revenant, the evil watcher. Now, why would Ione write a book about him? Well, all is revealed in this book.

Reaver was well worth the wait.

Another great Gerritsen Read!

The Silent Girl - Tess Gerritsen

As always, Gerritsen writes a fast paced and intriguing story. This book kept me entertained throughout. The villain was obvious but of course, there was a spin, that was not. 

This book was more Jane focused as the last book was more Maura focused. 

These books are an entertaining read and keep my interest.

Sexy biker romance....

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde

Overall I really enjoyed this story. The sex was smokin' and the fights were intense. I loved it. I had some issues with the use of the "c-word". I really don't care for that. However, I didn't let it take away from my enjoyment of the story. Another thing I didn't care for was the vagueness in regards to their "product". I don't like to think they are involved with drugs. Nothing was explained and it takes away a bit from my idea of a hero.

Now, I know that the world of motorcycle riders is quite different so I will get used to it.

I'm quite looking forward to Reaper's Legacy.

Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella (On Dublin Street, #2.5) - Samantha Young

I absolutely adore Joss and Braden. I was so happy to read about them again. This was a wonderful story. I hate that it was so short.


At times it was sweet and at times it was heartbreaking. Young really knows how to tell a story. Braden's behavior leads to some quite angsty moments.


Wonderfully awesome book and I can't wait for Liv and Nate's story. Come on January! :)

Love Me Some Drew Evans...

Holy Frigging Matrimony (Tangled, #1.5) - Emma Chase

Too short!!! Way too short and such trickery! But I forgive you, Emma. I love Drew that much. Funny lines and hot sex. Perfect Drew. 

March is way too long to wait for the next release.

True to the Law - Jo Goodman

Reading this book and other more recent works by Jo Goodman I've noticed a difference in tone in her writing. I can't say exactly what it is but it is different enough from her older books that I take notice. I'm not sure I like it but not exactly sure that I don't. It is just different and will take some getting used to.

In parts I felt very little emotion from Tru and I think part of that is the change in writing tone for Goodman. After the first sex scene I definitely wanted more emotion, especially in regards to what we find out about it later. I felt a little lost after reading the scene and then our couple doesn't actually speak to each other for another six weeks! (It jumps to six weeks later) It just felt off to me. Later, I understood better Tru's reaction but there wasn't enough for me in the scene to make me feel what Tru was experiencing.

Overall, this was an enjoyable book, if a bit slow in parts. As normal with most books, things picked up for me in the end. 

Very sweet moments in this book from our hero, Cobb. He said something to Tru along the lines of "I want to breathe the same air as you," that I found quite romantic. He really did have a good heart. He was definitely the star in this book for me.

Great Read!

Just One Kiss - Samantha James

This was a delightful story! I really enjoyed this Samantha James book. Sometimes her heroines can get annoying but not so Elizabeth. Based on the story, I thought she might turn that way but she didn't.


The hero, Morgan could be a jerk at times but he wasn't so terrible that he was unlikable. At times he could be sweet to Elizabeth. The time they spent at his cottage was probably the best part of the book. Morgan and Elizabeth were loving to each other. It was quite sweet.


There were some moments of angsty-goodness in this book too. Overall a very good story. I hope the next Samantha James book I read is as enjoyable as this one.

Tracker's Sin - Sarah McCarty

A good, sweet read. I definitely liked this story better than Caine and Desi's. I thought Tracker was very sweet to Ari. I liked the way he gentled her into trusting him. I didn't care for the way Caine handled Desi in their book. 

I thought it was a very fast read. It didn't take me long to read it. The story flowed well enough.


Unlikable Heroine...

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean

 Oh how I wished I liked this book better, but I don't. I just couldn't get past how Mara behaved in over half the book. She had a rough life, I get that, she did what she thought she had to do. I'm fine with that. What bothered me was the way she treated Temple after she revealed herself to him. At times she seemed to feel guilt for what she had done but other times she was so mercenary that it took away the guilty feeling. At one point Temple calls her a whore for her behavior. She was pissed and he was shamed by what he said but for me, she was acting that way. She charged him for kissing her for heavens sake! What else was he to think? 

Her swift transformation after Temple was stabbed by her brother just didn't come soon enough for me. If she had been more guilty and less mercenary I would have liked her better. I get that she was trying to get money for the orphange but it didn't make me like her. For me, she just wasn't a likable character. I wanted to like her more near the end when she made some sacrifices but it was all too little too late. I just couldn't like her. I hate that because I really enjoy MacLean's books but Mara was just too unlikable.

Perhaps because of the way I felt about Mara I didn't especially warm up to Temple either. I didn't dislike him, he definitely got a raw deal but I couldn't see why he fell for Mara. In the end they try and make it seem like he was always a bad boy but I just didn't buy it. 

The surprise reveal at the end regarding Chase was definitely unexpected. I'm intrigued to read that story.

This is the first book of all the MacLean's I've read that I didn't like. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the heroine in the next book is more likeable. ;)

Back-Up  - A.M. Madden

Well, I am somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars. I liked the overall story and the love between Jack and Leila. What I didn't like was Jack's manwhore behavior through the first like 30% of the book. It just bothered me. However, once he realized his feelings for Leila he stepped back from that life and was all about her.


Leila was a very likable character. I could just imagine her beautiful singing voice. If I had one wish...:) She is very strong and the way she stood by Jack in the end in the face of Jessa's announcement was touching.


I did feel at times that both characters were younger than the ages they are in the book. Especially Jack. Another bothersome issue were the numerous editing errors in the book. Wrong words were used in sentences or words left out of sentences. I wish it had been a bit more edited. However, still an enjoyable story.


The next book in the series is due to release in January so we shouldn't have too long of a wait. I am looking forward to seeing how these two young lovers handle the obstacles they are going to face.