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Tangled - Emma Chase I'm not sure how to start this review. At the beginning of this book I thought Drew was the biggest jerk and I was a bit disgusted with his sexual behavior. (I am still disgusted by it) However, by the end of this book he had me loving him! He was so charming and just wouldn't back down. He was such a gentleman to Kate during that business dinner. Oh, I just fell in love with him.

There were so many funny and sweet lines in this book. I was laughing out loud at numerous scenes and getting teared up at others. Such a fun, fast read and I hated when it came to an end. It was so interesting reading a first person pov from the male's position. I liked it and want more. Although, it would have to live up to the entertainment of this book. I hope Emma Chase writes more books like this.

Favorite Quotes:

"Like a four-year-old with his wooby, I bring my prized pillow with me." Awwww, how cute is that?

When Drew first sees Kate: "The bottom line is, for a moment, I forget how to breathe."

This had me LOL. So funny! "'Dude, she was one fugly chick, but once I saw her chomping that romaine, I just had to nail her.'"

How adorable was his niece? :) "Mackenzie walks over to us and holds up a glass jar half-filled with dollar bills. I slide a dollar into it. I loved it when the swear jar goes up to $10. :)

"I'm in love with her. Totally. Helplessly. Pathetically. In love. Kate owns me. Body and soul. She's all I think about. She's everything I never thought I wanted. She's not just perfect - she's perfect for me. I'd do anything for her. Anything. I want her near me, with me. All the time. Forever."

"I'm not lying to you now, Kate. But it's okay. Do what you need to do. Curse me out, slap me around - get it all out of your system. I can take it. Because the more you push me away, the harder I'm going to fight to prove to you that this is real. That I'm not going anywhere and that what I feel for you isn't going to change. And then someday-maybe not any time soon, but one day-I'm going to tell you that you, Kate Brooks, are the love of my life and you won't have any doubt that it's true."

I'll cherish it. I'll do anything I have to to make her happy. For as long as she'll let me."

This one made me smile. "God she's beautiful. I mean, look at her. She's like a volcano going off - fierce and fiery and breathtaking. If she doesn't find a way to ugly herself down, I'm going to be spending an awful lot of time pissing her off."

So loved this book! I finished it in one night.