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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley Very nice ending to this series. It definitely was better than Mystery Man. I found myself disliking Gwen even more in this one. I guess, I never really "disliked" her but she appears in this one and almost makes it seem like she doesn't and will not approve of Tyra for Tack. Uh, guess what, not your decision, Ms-Pants-After-Every-Hot-Guy-In-The-World. She just still rubs me wrong.

Loved Tyra and loved Tack. He was a bit more alpha than I really liked. Mitch was the perfect alpha for me. Tack came on very strong but that doesn't mean I didn't adore him. His whole touch the throat thing was so sweet (once it was explained why - at first it kind of weirded me out). The beginning scenes between Tyra and Tack were steamy and quite intense.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely read more by her.