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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley Well, I was quite torn reading this book. There were moments I loved and moments I didn't. The heroine was too lusty after other men throughout the entire book and it was icky. The kisses she shared with Tack and her responses to it made me quite unhappy. Even near the end when she and Cabe were back together she was still lusting after, Mitch, I think it was.

I have never made so many notes on my Kindle when reading a book. It was just a little too much for me.

I don't think she was a doormat and I can understand her running away after Hawk ended things but not by jumping on Dog's bike. I do disagree about her not listening to and accepting Hawk's explanation. Altho, it did cause some angst filled moments.

I liked the book but not a big fan io the heroine. The writing was also all over the place. I had to reread some parts to understand what was happening. Lots of "Then I," sentences. Annoying.

The epilogue was awesome! Definitely improved the overall score of this book.