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Vittorio's Runaway Bride (Vittorio Series #2) - Kimberley Reeves Very HP drama like but again over the top. The constant doubt in the heroine in the beginning was a bit too much. She had so little confidence in herself. Here is one of her thoughts:

" If only she could be sure he would never cheat on her again, or at least understand the reasons he had done it to begin with so she would know how to be a better wife, a better lover, the kind off woman who could hold on to her man."

Really? (He didn't really cheat on her btw). But she thinks he did and because she wasn't a good enough lover or a better wife? She just seemed way too weak with this line. I didn't like it.

However, she did certainly get better as the story continued. Although, she had a very TSTL moment near the end of the story. I was rolling my eyes through the entire scene. She calmly listens to the psycho woman who wants to sleep with her husband and snuck into their house and crawled into their bed, and then allows the psycho "b" to convince her to go down to a quiet room where no one can hear them (and where the heroine calmly says that there is an intercom in that room that allows them to hear their bedroom) Really? It all seemed just way too ridiculous for me.

It was a cute story and had some good moments. Although, one of the lines the hero thought cracked me up! Really? Wowzer!

"What he really wanted to do was toss her on the bed, rip her panties off and pounce on her..."

Rip her panties off, huh? Plus there was nothing else like that in the rest of the story.

This was another sweet line the hero says: "Shelby is my heart."

Now, I can finally get back to reading the 3rd book which I thought was the first. :)