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Dream Lover

Dream Lover - Kimberley Reeves This was my first read by Kimberley Reeves. The story wasn't too bad but it seemed like Nic and Rachel came together a bit too quickly, especially since it really wasn't about reincarnated lovers as I thought. In fact, it was a bit mystifying. Regardless, it was ok with me because they actually weren't my favorite couple in the book. I found myself enjoying the story of Nicolo and Rochelle much better. Now, their love story brought a bit of a tear to my eye.

I very much liked how this book ended especially with Nicolo and Rochelle, the couple that Rachel and Nic dreamed about. Now, Nicolo, is, of course, Nic's great-grandfather, so that should indicate right there that Rachel and Nic were not reincarnated lovers. I'm actually not even sure why Rachel was chosen. She had no relation, other than being French, to Rochelle so it was weird how she was somehow the conduit for Rochelle. Anyway, good story if a bit mystifying.

This was a self-published book and had several errors in it but didn't really take away from the story. I liked the writing, although at times it seemed simplistic and definitely felt like an author who is still trying to figure out her writing style. I've downloaded another one of her books and plan to download one more so I am definitely open to reading more by this author.

I'm intrigued to see what else Kimberley Reeves puts out in the future.