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Possession - J.R. Ward This story definitely had some surprises and also annoyed me as seen from several of my updates. It seemed there was too much of everything else going on in the story and not enough with Duke and Cait. I really didn't mind the scenes with Sissy and Jim, of course, but I could really do without the useless scenes with Devinia. The visits with her therapist add nothing to the story, IMO. I would rather have more with the main characters or Jim. I'm not sure if we are supposed to feel something for her but all I feel is annoyance.

As for the ending, it seemed to me that Jim going off to be with Devinia was useless. What exactly was he hoping to accomplish? He already knew he was going to lose the round and he should have stayed around to protect Cait because she obviously had something to do with the soul. It was just pointless. It was used as a device to make Sissy mad at him. Of course, she would be even more furious if she knew exactly who he had spent time with that night. It is ridiculous. I didn't see any reason for Jim to go off with her. If anyone else who has read the book can explain it to me, please do so. For me, he could have just said no and chalked one up to the bad guys and start planning for the next round.

I guess this is more of a sort of rant than a review, more my thoughts, but I hope we aren't supposed to really believe that Devinia is in love with Jim? Come on. She is pure evil. Crazy but evil and a demon.Don't try and personalize her. She is the bad, bad, bad guy and there is no reedeming her.

Anyway, this story annoyed me more than any of the others. There wasn't enough with the main couple. They were definitely hot together and the love scenes were smoking. I just wish we had more of them growing and falling in love.

As a side note, the brief appearance of John Matthew was sweet! A nice little added bonus even if it was only him walking out the door after visiting with Xhex or as she is known at the Iron Mask, Alex Hess.

There are only two books left in the series. I don't think I am wrong to say that Jim will win the next round so they are tied again and then of course, the last book will be the ultimate battle where we hope that Jim can have is HEA with Sissy. Just please no more Jim going off to have repugnant sex with Devinia. Ugh.

One more thing, I guess I don't get why Nigel killed himself either. Perhaps I missed something in previous books or just don't recall but was he feeling that hopeless in the war? Yes, Jim gave up a flag and they were now tied but is that really a reason to kill yourself? I hope we get some more explanation on that. It was like it was just another random act thrown in to ramp up the story.

I still liked the book and very much enjoy this series, although not as much as the BDB.