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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward Totally. Worth. The. Wait.

BDB fans have waited years to finally read Blay and Qhuinn's love story. We finally have it here! I was leaning towards a 4 star because so much else was going on this book and I wanted more of the Qhuay but the ending made me up it to a full 5! That was the best epilogue ever and I could cry just reading it. I came pretty darn close.

There was definitely some hot loving in this book, I mean smokin! I'm not really a m/m romance reader except when it falls into a series I read but this is probably the best one I've read! I'm still fanning myself after those sex scenes.

As stated above there were plenty of other stories in this book and quite a big surprise as well. I certainly didn't see that surprise coming and I highly doubt anyone else will either. If you are interested Luchas, Qhuinn's brother, is not dead and is "rescued" by the Brotherhood.

Assail, who we met in the previous book is someone I did not think I would like...although I have to say I don't totally love him but he may just end up a better man. We are introduced to a woman, a human woman, who may just make him hero material. Especially with the way their little story ended in this book.

We get Trez meeting his woman as well. Shoulda seen that one coming. I like it though, and can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Last but certainly not least...Xcor and Layla. Oh my goodness, there is a heartbreaking scene between the two. I am torn with my feelings for Xcor because of his desire to kill/overthrow Wrath, but his feelings, for Layla, make me want to love him. This, this broke my heart:

"'You are in my dreams,' he murmured. 'Every day, you haunt me. Your scent, your voice, your eyes...this mouth.'"

and this too

"'Be well, my beautiful Chosen,' he said, as he stared at her with the eyes of not just a lover, but a hellren."

Let's not forget this:

"Caught in the middle, between her mind and her soul, she was torn asunder even as she remained whole."

In fact, that entire scene made me want to weep. What hope do the two of them have? Even they are aware it can never be between them. Total and utter heartache.

The Band of Bastards have found something new to help them in their quest to take over the throne. With this, how can anything work out for Layla and Xcor?

Now, we all have to wait at least a year for another BDB book and I wonder? Who do we get next?

Have fun reading, my friends! It was definitely worth the wait.