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Shiver - Karen Robards This was a delightful book to read...once it got more into the romance. Surprisingly, this Robards RS had much more romance than some of her previous RS books.

The book was fast paced and a fun read. Our hero goes by three names in this book, one, his real name Danny as the undercover FBI agent, Trey, the nickname he had in college which he gives to the little boy who he's never met but is trying to protect, and Marco, the traitor ex-federal agent he is pretending to be to get the bad guys. This made him a great hero, the way he protected Sam and her son Tyler from the get-go. He is a great hero. He was so sweet to Sam and I loved how he called her "baby doll." There were some really sweet moments in this story.

The ending is short as are most of her RS books but still very satisfying. This is definitely one of her better RS books.

The only issue I had with this book was them somehow surviving a plane crash without even a scratch. A bit unrealistic but what can you do.

Great read if you are looking for a nice romantic suspense book. It is fast paced, with a short timeline of the story. Not quite up to Pamela Clare RS books but still a good read.