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Tempted - Elisabeth Naughton Oh this book was so so good! It lived up to all of my expectations. This was the book I was looking forward to reading to the most and Naughton hit the hammer right on the nail! There was angst, heartache, love, romance, tension and hot sex!

We've seen Isadora's character evolve from book one to this third book in the series. I enjoyed reading her character change into the strong Queen she is at the end of this book.

I loved this book and I am very much enjoying this series. I keep moving on through to the next book in the series. Of course, there are only two left after this one right now. I hope book 5 doesn't leave me hanging...I may have a long wait for a 6th book.

Elisabeth Naughton writes a very interesting series. It's funny how many different authors out there right about the Greek gods and goddesses and how each series is different. In Sherrilyn Kenyon's series Hades and Persephone are loving with each other and "kind" but in this series and others they are awful. I just like seeing these different ideas on the mythical world of Olympus. Naughton makes you enjoy her world and eager for the next one.