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The Surgeon (Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles, #1) - Tess Gerritsen Wow! What a great book! I am normally not a mystery-suspense reader unless it is romantic suspense but I wanted to read this book and the entire Rizzoli and Isles series because I enjoy the tv show.

From page 1 I was engrossed in this story. My plan was to just read this on my Kindle while at the gym and read Stygian's Honor when not. Well, that did not happen. From the get go I was involved with this story. Nothing could keep me from finding out what happens in the rest of this book. This was such a page turner for me. I did not want to put the story down.

To be honest, I really did not care for Rizzoli. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she improves throughout the rest of this series. I don't expect the books to be just like the tv show but I was surprised in the difference between her character in the book and her character in the show. She seems like a bitter, unhappy woman and hateful to almost all men because she is the only female in her division. She just seems hateful. I didn't care for her treatment of Catherine Cordell, the surviving victim. I guess I am just used to a romance novel where the heroine is more kind. I didn't even get an Eve Dallas feel from her. Eve, at least, is compassionate with victims, even if she shows a hard shell. However, perhaps she will improve in the other books now that she too has been a victim.

I very much enjoyed that there was a "love story" in this book so I felt like there was a bit of romance. Catherine and Thomas were very sweet together, in the limited scenes they shared. I did like the little bit in the epilogue where we got to "see" the two of them on their honeymoon, even if it was through the eyes of a serial killer obsessed with her. shivers

Another big difference in this from reading a romantic suspense, it was way more gruesome. shudders The extreme violence is something I am not used to in a book I read. However, I still enjoyed the story. Those scenes certainly had me pumped to read the rest of the book to find out the resolution. Very good writing.

Despite that I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

Reading Side note: I'm reading this entire series via a book bundle of the first 8 books. Since reading the bundle will only count as 1 book, I'm also including the singular book so I can count them towards my total of books read this year, while keeping the 8 book bundle on my currently-reading shelf to keep track of how far along I am. When I get to the last book I'll just use the bundle to count for the final book.