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Brave Heart - Lindsay McKenna Normally I don't go out of my way to read a book about a heroine who is raped. It isn't something I normally care to read about. However, as I read the back cover of this book I was intrigued to read a book about a hero who so sweetly woos and cares for a heroine who has been abused so horribly.

I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was well written, for the most part. There were some things that bothered me, like the fact that after the first scene where we see her, we don't see one of Wolf's sisters again through the rest of the book. Unless I was confused on who she was. I would have to go back and read the part to be sure. ETA: Sure enough, his sister, Evening Star, his youngest, I don't recall seeing her anymore in the book. If she was it was just by mention. She never actually spoke another word. Weird.

Anyway, I really enjoyed how patient Wolf was with Serena, although he got off on a rocky start at first, I felt. The romance wasn't rushed as it sometimes is done in these rape stories. Serena was very frightened for a bit and I like that she didn't fall immediately into Wolf's arms. It was a very sweet story.

Now I am a vindictive woman when it comes to these stories. I want the villain, or villains and even a villainess in this story, to pay. For the most part they did. I was very satisfied with what Wolf did to the man who repeatedly raped Serena. Gelding him was pretty sweet and then later he killed him so nice ending there. The Indian maiden who wanted Wolf for herself got hers too. It was the guy who kept her prisoner and locked up to the point she forgot Wolf and her children that deserved something. He got nothing! Just a "You're going to hell message" from Serena. Sorry, I want more vengeance. I wouldn't make a good heroine. :)

Good, sweet love story. 3.5 to 4 stars from me.