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Born of Ice - Sherrilyn Kenyon I'm torn about this book. I liked it yet I didn't think it was as good as the first two. I did like that I didn't dislike the heroine at all through the book. The book just felt very fast paced and it threw me off. Everything happened so quickly in the book.

I'm sorry but I have to say I did not like that Alix was the "entertainment" for her father's crew. I get that she was a slave but really? In her original version of the story did she write it that way? I have the original but haven't read it. I just didn't feel that it was necessary. I think it could have been done differently. Really, the whole thing was kind of glossed over as if it didn't really bother Alix that she had to have sex with her father's men. I didn't feel that there was enough focus on how it made Alix feel about herself, her self-esteem, etc. Yes, we had the scene where she realized that women can orgasm too and felt that it was expected of her to thank Devyn in that way but it just didn't seem like enough. I feel like it was just thrown in there to make Alix have a haunting past so that at least one of them did.

I don't know, I just didn't care for that. I did like Alix, as of course, it wasn't her fault but I just don't think it was needed. We didn't see any scenes where Devyn wished to protect her from the past or wished he could kill her father for what he made her do or kill the men that used an innocent young girl, other than the one where Devyn stopped Irn from attacking Alix. Perhaps if there had been something like that I would have accepted that idea a bit more. It was just like "oh, you slept with the men on your father's ship because he made you. well, that's too bad." It just seemed a little odd that there wasn't more anger from Devyn on what was done to Alix.

Anyway, I just didn't care for that aspect. I really didn't feel like it added anything to the story.

Other than that I did like the book. I liked that Alix and Devyn weren't at odds constantly through the book. It was refreshing.

Though, one other thing bothered me. Why is this listed as the 3rd book in the series when Caillen's book and Darling's books were written after it and, I assume, as I haven't read them, the timeline occurred before Born of Ice. I am so OCD about reading books in order so it really annoyed me. :)

I guess I just had issues with this book but still enjoyed reading it. I just wouldn't call this one my favorite in the series.