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A Very Public Affair - Sally Wentworth I gave this two stars instead of one because I really liked the hero. He was the only likable character in this book, other than Toby, the son. The heroine was horrible (likable at the very beginning but turns into a vicious harridan in the rest of the book), her "best" friend was awful, the man her best friend had an affair with was awful, the other man who she considered marrying was awful. They all had horrible characters.

Now, I don't mind secret baby stories but this woman was just too much. She didn't want Jack to have anything to do with her son. In fact she actually agrees to marry another man so the courts will not allow Jack anymore time with him than he has already. She takes the son away for a weekend so Jack can't have his visit. Ugh! She just makes me so mad! He wasn't even threatening to take Toby away from her. He just wanted to see his son. She is the one that forced Jack to go court to even get the right to see his son. Ugh, horrible woman.

Now, I'm not saying that Jack was the perfect hero. He was married when he slept with Clare in the beginning but his wife was no angel. His father had just died and his marriage was going nowhere. So, he took the comfort that Clare offered. Yes, he did make her leave the morning after because his wife was on the way. So, he wasn't the perfect hero but he was not a jerk to Clare or horrible to her after finding out she kept his son from her. He was just a man who wanted to know his son.

The angsty goodness in this book? It was the pain that Jack felt after getting rejected by Clare again. Very heart wrenching.

So, as one can tell, I did not like this book and only gave it that second star because the hero deserved better than what he got.