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Lover Reborn - J.R Ward 4.5 stars! There are some great reviews out there so I won't say much but that I really liked this story. I wasn't a diehard Tohr and Wellsie fan only because I had a feeling something would happen to her so I wasn't as nervous to read this story as others. I think Ward did a good job with how she wrote Tohr's letting go of Wellsie, but not his love for her, and his loving Autumn. It was done very well. There were some harsh scenes between the two of them.

The entire Layla and Xcor thing was all freaking out of the blue! Never saw that coming. In fact, I was thinking it would be Layla and Throe. Well, as soon as Xcor saw Layla I realized that was totally wrong! Where Warden is going with this story line, especially since Layla is more than likely carrying Qhuinns young, is quite intriguing. I can barely wait to read the next story which is Qhuinn and Blay's apparently. Where will both story lines go? Can't wait!

I was glad that Xhex and Autumn began to have a relationship. I was a bit upset in the beginning that Xhex and John were having problems but I guess it was needed since John never really had the chance to see Xhex in fighting mode in their story.

All in all a great story. I'm rarely let down by Ward and this one was no exception. I'm sure there is much more I could write about this story. So much happened in this one but all seemed necessary to keep the story flowing. Great read!