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The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter Another great Lords story. It was quite a surprise to learn that Haidee was the heroine of a Lord because of her past. However, as always, Gena did a great job of making us like Haidee by understanding her past with her great writing.

Amun has never been the one Lord I really wanted to read about. However, after reading his book I find I really love his character. The ending when he beat the crap out of Strider because of his insults to Haidee was quite entertaining. As Kaia said at the end he did deserve it. :)

Strider was another story. He certainly didn't endear himself to me in this book. I'm not sure why but I am just not on the Strider train. There were certainly some funny moments with him in the book. The way he was attracted to Haidee was resolved nicely and as I said above he deserved to get the crap beat out of him, IMO.

William. Ah, dear dear William. Or Liam as Gilly likes to call him. How I love him. The text message at the end to Torin? Classic! "Take me out of your address book." Very funny.

I enjoyed this story and despite my feelings about Strider I am looking forward to his story. I really don't like the fact that Kaia slept with Paris and is now the heroine in the next book. However, her character in this book was just a bit revealing, showing a side of her we haven't seen before. Does she have truly loving feelings for Strider? Well, I guess we will all have to wait for October to find out. :)