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Lethal - Sandra Brown What a great story that kept me entertained throughout. Sandra Brown may have gone a bit away from writing all out romance but she really does a great job with the suspense. She always has me on the edge of my seat trying to determine the bad guy. In this one, I never even guessed! At first, though, I didn't find the villain plausible but once I read the part with the verbal confession it was easier to believe. Also, I was quite disappointed with how the villain was getting punished for the terrible crimes, however, what happened in the end to The Bookkeeper was very satisfying. I quite enjoyed it, I'm ashamed to say. I guess I am a bit blood-thirsty. :P

My only real problem with this book was the ending! I hate, hate, hate, endings like that. It was an epilogue for crying out loud! I want a true epilogue in that I get to see the hero and heroine and young child: Coburn, Honor and Emily, freaking reunite! What was with that ending where we don't even see them walk through the gates??!! We are just supposed to be satisfied with that last line? Nope, sorry, I was not! I wanted to see the reunion! Ugh!

Note to Sandra Brown and other authors who end books like that: When the hero and heroine are separated and meet again THE READERS WANT TO SEE IT!!!!. Don't just freaking leave us hanging!

Other than that, I really enjoyed this book. Little Emily was cute and Coburn was a great hero. Honor was a tough heroine and would do anything to protect her daughter. I also liked the little, quite little, side story between Honor's best friend, Tori and Mr. Wallace. Kind of sweet.

This is a good one to read but beware the disappointing ending!