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Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian This one was a pretty decent read. I wasn't sure what to think of Corrine Bishop as the heroine of this story after the horrible nightmare she went through for over seventy-five years. Although, things with her and Hunter did seem a bit rushed, I still enjoyed the story. It seemed as though there were a great deal more side stories in this one which kind of took away from the two lovers. I know those "side-stories" were important for the over all arc of the series but it just lessend the time we spent with Hunter and Corinne.

It was quite the surprise to know that Corinne's adoptive father was behind her kidnapping. What a horrible male he turned out to be. I had such high hopes when Corinne went home and got a little teary eyed when she yelled "Daddy" after hearing his voice. However, I feel that he got a just desserts death for what he did. I would love to see more of Regina and Mason, perhaps becoming partners and a part of Corinne's life and her new family.

All in all an enjoyable story. With the ending I'm pretty positive on the heroine for Chase's book. I hope I am right. However, I was getting a bit frustrated with Chase in the book. His sacrifice at the end helped improve his character in my mind greatly.