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Vampire in Atlantis - Alyssa Day Best book in the series so far. The love between the hero and heroine was there from the beginning and just grew throughout the book. The story line was interesting and kept my interest through the entire book.

Daniel was a great hero and I've liked him since he first appeared in this series. It was great to finally read his story.

As to some of the other stories in the book, Ivy, the dark sorceress (who wasn't all entirely dark) and Nicholas, the evil vampire (who wasn't all entirely evil, either), well I felt these characters were necessary but I'm not sure why they were semi-evil/dark. I suppose each of them brought out the best in each other, even though, we don't really get closure on in this book. Ivy, is a dark sorceress because vampires killed her husband, but she was a loving, caring mother to her son, which helped redeem her for me. Nicholas, was an evil vampire, yet not really evil, who was as he was because he was forced into the life and his wife and son were killed. Well, his feelings, feelings he is fighting, and his kindness to Ivy's son, made him redeemable for me. All in all the story line with them worked for me because in the end they weren't as evil as we were led to believe.

A great book in this series and I am looking forward to finally reading Alaric and Quinn's story.

This series isn't as great as some of my favorites but it is an interesting concept in paranormal. If anyone is looking for a new paranormal series to read, I think this is a good one to read.