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The Maverick (Silhouette Desire) - Diana Palmer This was a sweet read and quite different from most DP books. The hero was not a jerk (which I am glad because in previous books he was quite a good guy - I'm glad she didn't change his character). It was just a sweet love story about two people who met and just fell in love. It was a bit slow because of that but still an enjoyable story.

This book also contains a mystery in that there is a murder of a stranger in Jacobsville. Apparently, this is to continue the story arc of Kilraven's (the hero in Dangerous) family's murder. The murder in this book is not solved but the story will continue throughout another couple of books.

The one thing that bothered me is that there was a hint that Harley was a boy that Alice had a crush on back in high school when she lived in Floresville, but never really got to know before she moved away with her family. It is also mentioned that Harley spent time in Floresville. (Which is in Texas, btw. My mom lives there which I thought was funny that it was the small Texas town mentioned.) It was pretty obvious and I wish it had been confirmed. Perhaps DP meant to but forgot about it.

This is a cute, fast read. I finished it in a few hours. If you want a DP book with a decent hero, then this is the one to read. Even though, the heroine was a bit odd at times, I liked this book.