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The Captive - Amanda Ashley I'm not a big fan of Amanda Ashley. There is something in her writing. However, the storyline of this one seemed interesting. The back is a bit vague on what type of romance this book is about. It turns out, this is a sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic book with Confederations, planets, aliens galore. Normally, it isn't my type of read. I prefer historicals and PNR's to these types of romance books. However, as I mentioned the story seemed interesting so even after I found out the actual genre I continued to read the book.

For a bit of time in the beginning the heroine wasn't my favorite. She seemed spoiled at times and a brat. I could tell she was intrigued by the captive, Falkon, but she just didn't seem as sympathetic as I would have wished for a heroine in that type of situation. Having typed that however, I will say that she improved halfway through the book and once the "I love you's" came she was always loving and kind to the hero. In fact later in the book she actually experienced what Falkon went through when she was put in the slave shackles.

There were a couple of things that I didn't like. There were two villians, if you will. However, one of them was an enemy of Falkon's who was once his friend. In the end they were friends again after the mistakes of the past were explained but it still bothered me because he was still a cruel man. Even if the excuse for his behavior was that Falkon married the woman he loved, that we were supposed to forgive his cruelties. I didn't buy it. The other villian deserved a worse death, IMO.

However, this was still a good read, even if the writing was a bit light at times. The story flowed well and the book was really a fast read; when I had time to read it.