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Killing Me Softly - Maggie Shayne For those of you who are fans of Maggie Shayne the H and h in this one met in their teens in Colder Than Ice which is book #2 in the Mordeci Young series, which is about their respective parents. It was a pretty decent series but not as good as her earlier paranormals. The heroine, Dawn Jones is the daughter of Mordeci Young who was a psychic cult leader and killer and one of his young followers, Beth. Dawn gets her father's "gift" of communicating with the dead and it causes her to run off and leave her biological mother and the boy she loved.

Bryan Kendall is a rookie cop who is still hurt over Dawn's leaving. When he is accused of killing a woman in the same manner of a serial killer from 16 years previously, Dawn comes back to town to be with him and help. Of course, he's a bit bitter and angry over her abandonment but he does still love her and wants to protect her from the Nightcap Strangler, who has made it clear Dawn will be his victim.

I have to say I wasn't extremely in touch with either of the characters. For meeting them in a previous book I would expect to be more drawn to the two of them but I just didn't connect with them. I guess it seemed like they both still acted like they were teenagers. It didn't feel like I was reading a book about two adult characters.

The mystery was pretty decent and I went back and forth between who I thought was the killer. I wasn't surprised at the killer but wish I'd been positive before the reveal.

The epilogue in this book was lacking. I love a good epilogue and this one was just so/so. The proposal was a bit goofy but cute.

This is the first in the Shadow Falls series and the books should be read in order as the characters for books 2 and 3 are introduced in this one.