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Tamed: The Barbarian King - Jennie Lucas "Teach me how to feel nothing, like you," he said in a low voice. "I'm tired of having a heart. From the moment I loved you, it has never stopped breaking."

This quote from the hero pretty much sums up the angst and pain the hero and heroine both experienced throughout this book. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't all heart-wrenching. This book was filled with lots of loving moments between the hero and heroine.

Thirteen years before Kareef and Jasmine were separated by sorrow and scandal when it was revealed Jasmine had gotten pregnant and lost the baby in an accident that left her unable to have any more children. For those thirteen years, Jasmine blamed Kareef for the scandal she faced alone and one that caused her to be sent from home and her family. Jasmine returns to her home country in order to marry a respectable man and bring honor back to her family. Only the man she was to marry is good friends with her ex-love, Kareef.

Forced to spend time together while her fiance is away, Kareef and Jasmine realize how much they still want each other and later, love, each other. They spend this time together at his desert home. It brings back memories of what happened all those years ago.

Much of the parts in the desert are a bit overly-dramatic but it really didn't take away from the story. This was a great book with two people who never should have lost each other. The hero was never once a jerk to the heroine even when she said cruel things to try and force him away since she can't give him children.

What surprised me about this one is that not only were both of them virgins when they were first together but neither one slept with anyone else the thirteen years they were apart. Usually it is just the heroine.

This is a wonderful story about two people who will always belong together but who are destined to be kept apart because of duty and honor.

The ending was great and we get a nice little epi too. This book is just another reason why Jennie Lucas is a favorite author of mine.