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A Stranger's Wife - Maggie Osborne Oh, this book had so much potential. It was a great idea for a story but I couldn't stand some of the characters and at one time wanted to punch the hero in the face for being an idiot. Then for the Jane Eyre-esque like truth about the wife - hidden upstairs, gone mad over the death of her baby - and the lack of trust between the hero and the heroine, I just wanted to throw this dang book against the wall! I've never felt so frustrated before.

Lily Dale was actually a character I liked in the novel. she made foolish decisions in life but paid for them by going to prison and losing out on 5 years of her daughter's life. She made the best of what she was being asked to do, portraying another woman. I wasn't even upset with her for doubting Quinn, the man she loved because I doubted him too! At times he was a great hero, so loving and romantic to Lily. At other times I thought he was a murderer and a cruel bast**d.

I absolutely hated the best friend, Paul. Yet, in the end Lily is writing to him as "Dearest Paul". His character just wasn't written in a way where I could like him. He seemed sneaky and deceitful and unethical as well. I truly thought he had "disposed" of Miriam (the wife) or gotten "rid" of her.

Now, "disposed of" and "get rid of" are phrases that don't have the best connentation. What else was Lily, and the reader, supposed to think. Those two phrases were used a lot to describe Miriam and Lily. That just made me highly dislike Paul. I think we were supposed to like him but for me the character was way too poorly written for me to like him.

The fact that Quinn gave up his spot in the election for governor helped a bit but he still bothered me with his attitude towards Lily, especially after he knew he loved her. I was glad that he dropped out of the race and I loved he had Lily's daughter, Rose, brought to her but I still am not very fond of him.

I also thought it was ridiculous that little Rose decided she was going to marry "uncle Paul" when she grew up. Maybe if I actually liked Paul I would have found that cute but I didn't.

I did like the epilogue where Lily writes to Paul and we learn about their other children and Quinn's life as a lawyer to the people in Italy.

This story was an interesting one and it kept me turning the page but it could've been so much better if the characters of Paul and Quinn were better presented. They took this book down from a 3 star to a 2 especially with their attitude to Lily at the end (which was kind of anti-climactic especially as I knew what the actual truth was about Miriam).

I have a couple of other Maggie Osborne books to read. I hope they are more enjoyable than this one. It wasn't the first of hers I've read but it was probably the one I enjoyed the least all in thanks to the two male leads.