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Remember Love - Susan Plunkett First let me start off by saying that the synopsis for this book is not right. The heroine is NOT simpleminded in this story. The heroine's spirit goes into the body of the simple woman who died. The simple woman no longer exists. Winnifred (the heroine) took over Felicity's body. That's all. What author in her right mind would write a romance novel about a simpleminded heroine and her charismatic, arrogant husband?

Anyway, just wanted to clear up that little misunderstanding.

It was an enjoyable read. There were some moments about the beginning that were a bit disturbing. I honestly think it was the way it was written.

I really enjoy time-travel romances. This wasn't a blow me away kind of time-travel but it was still a good read. Even though the back of the book describes the hero as "arrogant" he wasn't so bad I wanted to throw the book across the room. He was a pretty decent hero. He did love Felicity (Win) and you could tell she really loved him too. When she was hurt, he was loving and protective. He was fierce and wanted to protect her.

A few things that bothered me about this: One I feel the "villian" of the piece got off too easily. He was a despicable wife beater/killer. He definitely deserved what he got I just wish it was more. Two, I was surprised it took Ransom so long to figure out who the villian really was in this book. He had a heads up, if you will, about this guy but the thought didn't cross his mind until he had more proof in front of him.

So, things to know, the hero wasn't an arrogant jerk I wanted to kick and the heroine wasn't a whiny TSTL heroine. She was actually pretty tough and could take care of her own. She was a woman of the 20th century who had lived a hard life and could take a man down with some nicely placed karate moves. :-)

If someone is looking for a quick, non-angsty read, with a time-travel theme, this one is good.