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Shattered - Karen Robards 3.75 stars for me ***Major spoilers in this review***

Like many authors, Karen Robards has gone from historical romance to writing romantic suspense. (although she does still write some historicals) She's had some hit and misses with her RS books. I've enjoyed the last couple she's put out and have to add this one to that list.

In some of her previous RS books I felt the romance was not as important as the mystery. It was almost the opposite in this book, which I enjoyed.

Our H/h, Scott and Lisa, have known each other since they were younger, which I think helped make the romance stronger in this book. I enjoyed the antagonism between the two and the jealousy the two experienced with each other. Once the physical relationship started b/t the two it wasn't long before the "l" word made its appearance. It worked with this book because they knew each other from childhood and the attraction was always there. As the reader, I could always see something between Scott and Lisa.

I just had a few problems with this read. One, it was a bit slow to start. Two, the true villian of the story was already dead and didn't get punishment for his actions (which were truly vile IMO) and for starting all of the events in motion. However, the actual killer was still alive and received punishment. My final problem with this book was the abrupt ending. Robards is famous for this in her RS books. The "whodunit" and "why it was done" were all cleared up very well. What I didn't like was we didn't get to see her first meet with her sister of whom she had no knowledge. We just got a last line referring to the sister's eye color (which referenced a clue earlier in the book).

I'm a sucker for family reunions, long lost sibs and families reunited. Show me the reunion!

All in all this was a good read. I probably wouldn't read it again and it won't go on a keeper shelf but it was still enjoyable.