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The Innocent's Dark Seduction (Harlequin Presents, #2855) - Jennie Lucas This was my first read by Jennie Lucas and I really enjoyed it. This book had the angst I like in it.

In the beginning I definitely wanted to punch Roarke for his attitude about Lia in the beginning and his treatment of her as it was undeserved. However, in the middle of the book he changed and Ms. Lucas did a great job of showing the reader how he changed. His treatment towards Lia near the end was understandable because of his hurt concerning her keeping Ruby's birth a secret.

I liked how the hero showed a vulnerable side for a brief moment and you don't see that too much in Presents titles. He wasn't a jerk through the whole book and the times when he was horrible to Lia were due to the hurt she caused and his own fears.

The end was pretty predictable as others have said but overall I really liked the book as it kept my interest throughout the whole story and didn't drag in any place.

Anyone who enjoys baby themes will like this but for those who hate it when the heroine keeps the baby from the hero will not. It doesn't bother me as much as I know it bothers some.

I will definitely continue to read books by Jennie Lucas.