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The Prince's Captive Wife - Marion Lennox 2 1/2 stars...and the reason is because it took to page 130 before I truly had interest in the story. That is when the book begin to pick up for me.

This was my first read by Marion Lennox. She's a very good writer. I found the writing to be very entertaining and the dialog witty at times. I just had a hard time getting into this story. Andreas and Holly are a wonderful couple but I just didn't connect with them until near the end.

Holly does keep her pregnancy and baby from Adnreas but there are reasons and if the baby had not died Andreas would have been told. I mention this so that people who hate the "hide the baby" theme don't get upset.

This is part of the Royal House of Karedes series written by different authors in the Presents line. Other characters are in the story who will appear in future books. I wasn't fond of Sebastian the heir to the throne and can only hope his character is better in his own story.

This book is about the struggle between duty to royalty and love of a woman. I found the concept interesting and it opened my eyes to the fact that Cinderella may have found a Prince Charming and became a Princess but there are always adjustments to be made.

The end of the book was the best part and what I found most enjoyable. It took me a bit to finish the book because the beginning was slow to me but all in all this was a satisfying read...once I got to page 130. :)