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A Mermaid's Ransom - Joey W. Hill If someone is looking to read about a dark character who struggles to find the light this is the read for you. For me, the darkness in Dante was hard to overcome. At times he seemed reedemable but at other times I had my doubts. There were times his actions were so dark it was hard to see him as a hero. There were moments when he would protect Alexis but the other moments of darkness overshadowed this for me.

Having stated this however, Dante was a product of his environment. Growing up in The Dark One world he only knew it took killing and sacrifice to survive. He didn't see what he was doing was wrong because it was all he knew.

Dante has to overcome a lifetime of killing and seeing every move as a threat. When he's brought into the human world he begins to see things differently through Alexis.

Warning: this book contained two sex scenes that seemed a bit like rape to me. In both scenes Alexis was in pain. One was early in the book, while still in the Dark One world, the other was later in the human world.

This read was the same as the first two in the Arianne series; I thought I would enjoy the books more than I did. The book wasn't a bad read. I just didn't feel a deep connection to Alexis or Dante. Their love didn't pull at my heart. Perhaps it was the two scenes mentioned above but something just wasn't there for me.


Also, something near the end left me usatisfied with their HEA. Dante is told by those whose females were sacrificed by him in the The Dark One world, "Because all worlds are just, it is when you love her the most that Fate will take her from you,..." I like my romances to have a forever HEA. :-)