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Heartless - Diana Palmer This was definitely a DP where the hero reedemed himself and in fact wasn't a jerk through 80-90% of the book. At the times he was a jerk he was kicking himself for the way he was acting so that helped.

It was a typical DP read with the innocent, virginal heroine but Gracie really had some backbone on her and wasn't afraid to stand up to Jason. There were some references to some problems she had due to an incident in her past but it wasn't played on very much in the book, in so much that readers forget there is a problem and wonder why it was even mentioned.

A very interesting character was introduced in this book, Emilio Machado, someone who I know we will see a book about, hopefully in the near future. At the time he was introduced I wanted, however briefly, for Gracie to end up with him. This was during Jason's jerk moments but that was quickly resolved and readers will understand why.

All in all this was a good read. I believe that Diana Palmer fans will like this book.