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Hours to Cherish - Heather Graham Parts of this book were really good and other parts were just so so. What I did like was that the hero loved the heroine throughout the book, at least from when he reappears in the heroines life. He wanted only to protect her.

There is adultery in this one, although, the hero had no memory of his wife, although, he did know there was someone out there he loved, since her "memory" is what got him through his time in prison. Regardless that he had amnesia, the fact that he knew there was a woman out there he loved, I don't like how he slept with the other woman.

Cat, the heroine, was a bit annoying at times but not quite enough to end up on that shelf. However, she did a move that had me create a "tstl heroine" shelf. She refused to believe what Clay told her and she just had to prove him wrong, so she headed out and put herself in danger just to prove that she was right and he was wrong.

Normally, I really enjoy Heather Graham but these earlier Candlelight books aren't her best work. Perhaps because they were written in the beginning of her career. I will probably continue to read them hoping that one of her older ones will get higher than a 2 star review from me.