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Caretti's Forced Bride (Wedlocked!) (Harlequin Presents, #2752) - Jennie Lucas This is the second book I read by Jennie Lucas and I liked it as I did my last read by her. Now, this book has the secret baby/hidden pregnancy/child theme which many people don't like. (Which prompted me to create my "secret child" shelf so I can keep track and steer those who don't like it away from those books). This theme doesn't bother me as much as it does others. Mostly because I would never do anything like this and because, you have to admit, it brings a little more drama to the story, especially a HP. This one was no exception. This secret was kept through most of the book unlike other more recent HP books.

This story really pulled on my heart-strings. When Paolo thought back to his early relationship with Isabelle and she cruelly rejected his proposal, I almost cried. He worked so hard to make the night perfect and gets cruely rejected. It just broke my heart to read that scene.

Both the H/h are to blame for the hurt in the past. First Isabelle's rejection of Paolo and his mistake of drowning his sorrows in booze and another chick. Both were young and let outside influences make decision that caused the other pain. Altho, I will admit that Isabelle was the one who "started it" if you will allow.

I don't agree with Isabelle keeping Paolo from his son. As she meets him again ten years later she begins to see what a cruel thing she did to them but doesn't know how to make it right. Of course, another part of her doesn't want to tell because she feels she can't trust him.

This story is actually pretty sweet because for the majority of the novel they aren't sniping at each other but find enjoyment with just being together. I always love when an HP shows the couple happy together for a bit. Then of course, comes the BIG REVEAL and all goes awry. There are some cute moments in the story like when Isabelle cooks for Paolo not realizing how terrible she is at it.

I did like these characters. They really did/do love each but the past caused them both a lot of pain.

All in all this was a good book. However, the ending was a bit OTT because the villian seemed like the guy in those old silent movies with the sprial mustache he keeps twisting and the heroine is tied to the railroad tracks awaiting the train coming to end her life. (In this it was tied to the cliffs and the water). That bothered me but other than that I enjoyed the book. Enough drama to keep the pages turning and likable characters.

I normally don't write such long and detailed reviews for my HP reads but this one really had me thinking.